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Q. How far in advance should I book your photographic services?
A. As soon as you know the date of the wedding and you have booked the venue.

Q. What style of photography will you take?
A. That is entirely up to you. Reportage, Contemporary or Traditional or all three.

Q. How will you know which family and friends I would like for my group shots?
A. You will allocate one of your close friends or family to tell me who the people are you want in your group shot as well as doing a short written list.

Q. How many photographs will be taken?
A. Depending on the timescale of the wedding, number of guests and location, will determine the number of photographs taken and can be from 300 to 1000.  For example, a church wedding and reception up to the first dance would be between 600 and 800 fully edited images.  Whereas a registry office only wedding could be approximately 300 fully edited images.

Q. Your package does not suit my needs?
A. A tailor made package can be arranged especially for you.

Q. After the wedding, when will I receive my cd?
A. 7-14 days after the wedding date, if in the U.K. 14-21 days if the wedding takes place abroad.

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